Each event, fear or emotion leaves a mark on our bodies – a momentary grimace, the increasing deepening of wrinkles, or a sudden and unexpected interference, when a particular experience can damage a personality constructed over many years.

Imprinting an elusive moment reveals tiny scars left by our experiences. The indirect form of casts shows that we never reach the final form; our bodies change with each passing second. I live with constructed versions of β€œme”. I marvel at them, I temper successive images, I caress incarnations; I ask the question: who am I?

I take advantage of the space between affecting my physicality, photographic portrait and sculpture. The face is a place where a person's subjectivity is focused. Its deformation and distortion poses a threat to the integrity of the individual.

Project "Numbness" was supported by the HSBC Foundation in Paris.

2016, pigment ink on traditional handmade Japanese Washi paper, 48,3 x 32,9 cm