(work in progress)

In the subsequent series of self-portraits I reach for the motive of covering, which I find particularly important, with all its array of meanings. The invisible exists on the other side, it is a fact which we can only foresee, imagine, if only in the tension of the fabric on the surface. The essence of this relationship is the actualisation of the covered, its being in itself.

Being inside, I provide the shape with my body, the form with physicality. Marking myself becomes a fight, blackness absorbs everything that is internal and undiscovered.

In the series "Drift" I struggle with a painful memory, the sea of blackness where I found myself when I was in a medically induced coma (after a serious car accident). I undertake an attempt at taming the blackness, by constructing abstract images on the basis of the shape of my face.

Exploring the blackness and shaping the form with chiaroscuro corresponds with the tradition of painting. For me, the repetition of the primary view, reference to the initial object in the final presentation, is of utmost importance.

2017, pigment ink on canvas, 150 x 100 cm