104 pages, 35 pictures
hard cover, 220 x 280 mm
photographs: Marta Zgierska
text: Christian Caujolle
curator: Diane Dufour / LE BAL
publisher: Actes Sud
Arles, 2016
ISBN 978-2-330-06305-4

"An understated book of interventions, sculptures, and intricate performance-portraits made following a serious car accident, and testimony to the power of art to heal. The image of a bloodied coat hanging on a blank domestic wall will stay with me for a very long time, as will a number of other memorable pictures by this talented Polish artist."
Mark Power

Steamy Windows and Distorted Rearviews –
How Photographic Images Can Function in Artist Books

text by Erik Vroons, GUP Magazine

▪ PDN Photo Annual 2017, Photo Books, New York, USA (winner)

▪ Best Photography Book from Central and Eastern Europe 2015 - 2016, European Month of Photography in Bratislava, Slovakia (honorable mention)

▪ Best Photobooks of 2016 by Mark Power on Photobookstore Magazine

▪ Best Photobooks of 2016 Bitume Photofest selection